Okay crafty people........

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Okay crafty people........

by Ajay » Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:11 am

I have to go to my father in laws house tomorrow for Easter. :ratherbe:

But as a tradition, I always get a small token for his wife (not my mother in law) as she is hosting, and my mother taught me it's always polite to bring a small gift of appreciation for the host. That and it really pisses off my sister in law every time, and anytime i can do that is a win for me.

So his wife is a teacher so I stitched this up


Painted a frame with chalkboard paint.

Then used a little stuffing to make it pop

and then glued some fabric to the back that i had in my stash

This is the first time I've ever done anything but frame my work, and I am by no means a crafty individual, I follow directions and patterns very easily. Other then that.... :roll: Is there anything else that needs to be done before i hand it over as a Easter gift?
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Re: Okay crafty people........

by DisneyStitcher » Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:48 am

Don't know the first thing about framing, but that is really, really cute. Happy Easter!
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Re: Okay crafty people........

by richardandtracy » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:06 am

Only thing I can think of, and in this case may be omitted, is glazing to stop dust. Could be done with acrylic sheet glued/clipped to the front face of the frame.

Otherwise, rather nice.


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Re: Okay crafty people........

by rcperryls » Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:23 am

:applesauce: :applesauce: I think it is lovely and will most definitely annoy your sister-in-law!

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Re: Okay crafty people........

by fccs » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:45 pm

I have no suggestions, but just wanted to say great job!

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Re: Okay crafty people........

by mags » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:08 pm

Looks good to me :D

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Re: Okay crafty people........

by Squirrel » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:23 pm

That looks just right for a teacher and I am sure that deep down she will appreciate the work which has gone into it.
Sally in Brisbane Australia


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Re: Okay crafty people........

by vanessanjf » Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:51 am

That is really cute and a very thoughtful gift :wub:

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Re: Okay crafty people........

by Mabel Figworthy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:46 pm

Great finishing!
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Re: Okay crafty people........

by AlwaysGoofy » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:37 pm

This is so crafty and creative. I'm also one of those people that's great at copying ideas but have a hard time coming up with things on my own. I think it is fantastic the way it is.
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