Don't miss out on the fun!!!!

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Don't miss out on the fun!!!!

by rcperryls » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:59 pm

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Still plenty of time to sign up for Stashmas 2017!!!

These are the threads you can go to if you need more information or you can always pm me or Debby (fccs). There is nothing elaborate, just a great way to kick off the holiday season without adding a lot of expense or hecticness to all the things so many of us have to do preparing for Christmas and/or New Year's Holidays.

Stashmas: Frequently Asked Questions
Stashmas Sign-up Sheet
Stashmas Questions and Concerns
and if you aren't sure the types of things that people send as Stashmas gifts take a peek at the
Stashmas 2017 Wishlist. It gives you an idea of what the person you get to send to likes and doesn't like or doesn't need. You don't give everything from the wish list and it can come from your stash or be new. As long as it is within the limits. and Remember that you can choose where you want to send your gift. Close to home or anywhere. It is up to you.

I hope that some of you who aren't sure take another look at this before you make your final decision.

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