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Re: Suggestions for a Newbie!!

by JoannaG » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:35 pm

Some tips from a newbie.

If you can't get to a copy machine for whatever reason you can still mark off your pattern. mark your chart off in pencil rather than pen/highlighter. This way you can erase when done and reuse your pattern OR erase marked off sections that you later find you have to frog.

When starting a new section of pattern without any guiding stitches around (normally at the very beginning of the project). Start doing complete stitches at first, rather than a line of half stitches before returning. This way if you find you miscounted some part of your stitching you can undo the stitches immediately back to the mistake rather than having to undo/frog the entire thread. (Don't know if I explained that properly).

And finally, Don't stitch after a glass of wine! :lol:
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