Tapestry Frame

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Tapestry Frame

by Isobel R. » Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:34 pm

My husband bought me a scroll tapestry frame for Christmas. The top and bottom rods are smooth wood, they are not split and do not have any fabric or webbing attached to them. There is no instructions with it and I have been struggling with it for a few days to figure out how to attach my cross stitch to it so I can work on it. I am getting frustrated with it and am ready to use it for kindling. All the online videos I found are for a lock scroll frame but they all have a groove and a piece of wood to hold the work in place or a piece of canvas type material attached. Can anyone help me? Desperate in Canada.
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Re: Tapestry Frame

by rcperryls » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:46 pm

How frustrating for you, Isobel. I generally use a hoop so I can't help much. The scroll frame I have (thank you again Debby) is pretty easy to use. Do you know the type of frame it is? Who the manufacturer is? Perhaps if you take a photo and post it, someone will recognize the make and be able to help you. What a great gift that is! We will help you make it work, if we can!

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Re: Tapestry Frame

by Ruthi » Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:46 pm

It is probably the sort that uses sticky tape to attach the fabric. Masking tape works reasonably well, and is repositionable.
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Re: Tapestry Frame

by kingfisher68(2) » Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:01 pm

Glad Ruthie had a solution as until recent years I only had ones where you stitch fabric to webbing. Now I use Elbezee clip ones when not using a hoop.

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Re: Tapestry Frame

by Lori0 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:09 pm

Might be able to help you out. first, do you sew alittle. I took a piece of material the length of my rod and about 2 1/2 inches wide. I put an thin(1/4") elastic all around the straight edge of the material, pulling it a little and when you come to the end of one straight edge, fold the other side to ending of the material, but it up together. This will make a rod cover, but the rod can be slipped in and out and the ends of the rod will fit to the frame. I tuck my fabric under the cover and use the little baby safety pins (3 or 4) to pin to the cover and roll just alittle. I have not had any problems with the pins leave makes or my fabric slipping. Hope this helps.
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Re: Tapestry Frame

by Allyn » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:45 am

Solution in a nutshell: http://embroidery.com/family.ec?efid=4766

The rest of the blahblahblah:

You can use tape to secure the edge of the fabric to the rod. All my rods have webbing, so I can't directly recommend what kind of tape. If I were in your situation, I would probably try blue painter's tape. When you cut your fabric, make sure there's enough margin at the top and bottom that you can roll the fabric at least one full turn around the rod. That'll hold the fabric tight with it wrapped around itself on the rod.

If the tape idea doesn't appeal to you, get velco strips. You can get velcro in strips with sticky back on it. Attach one side of the velco in a 'permanent' install on the rod (the loop side) and then use the other side (hook) along the top and bottom edge of the fabric. There are kits for this. ( http://embroidery.com/family.ec?efid=4766 ) You need both kits -- one for the rods and one for the fabric. Going to Joann's and getting the velcro strips works just as well. The problem with this system (if you can consider it a 'problem') is that you have to buy the fabric kit on an ongoing basis since the strips you use for the fabric can't be reused. (The rod kit is a permanent, reusable installation.) Also note that the fabric strips need to be cut off before framing, so allow enough margin on the top and bottom of the fabric to allow for trimming.


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Re: Tapestry Frame

by CindyW » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:13 am

My scroll frame has strips of heavy canvas strips attached to the poles with staples. I'd take it to an upholstery shop and ask them to attach strips to your poles. They have the canvas strips probably, and I know they'd have a staple gun that would go into the wood.
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