Stashmas FAQs - More info & dates coming soon!!

For members who want to join in an exchange of cards, bookmarks,biscournes and other fun stitching and sharing.

Stashmas FAQs - More info & dates coming soon!!

by rcperryls » Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:16 pm

Q: What is Stashmas?
A: Started in 2008, Stashmas is an annual gift exchange, an entirely made-up holiday for this forum.

Q: When is Stashmas?
A: Stashmas day is 1st December

Q: So, is this Christmas?
A: No. We realise and respect that not everyone celebrates Christmas. This is a separate holiday, made up for this forum only, and the point is to have fun!

Q: What do I have to do for Stashmas?
A: First, sign up by the deadline. If you miss the deadline or joined the forum too late to participate this year, there's always next year!
The organizers will post an announcement with all the deadline dates

Second, the organizers will sort out the list of participants and you will be assigned one of them to send a Stashmas gift to.
Third, a wish list thread will be posted where you can post the kinds of present you would like (thread, fabric, etc). Use this to get an idea about your gift for your Stashmas person, too.
Fourth, post the gift by deadline, and notify the organizers on the Stashmas Sent/Received thread. Do the same thing when you receive your gift.
Finally, open your present on Stashmas Day, and share your fun with a description or pic of your present!

Q: Is there a Stashmas budget?
A: Yes, there is. The budget is no more than £12.5 or $15–$20, or the equivalent in your currency. This amount includes anything you buy or the cash equivalent of anything taken from your own stash. It does not include the cost of postage or a card you want to include.

Q: So, who are the organizers?
A: Volunteers from the membership organise Stashmas. At least two organisers usually share the responsibility. That way, they are able to discuss things, deal with issues and/or problems which might arise, and make sure it all runs smoothly. It's really pretty easy, a lot of fun and rewarding when Stashmas Day arrives and all those lovely posts with pictures appear!

Q: I’ve signed up for Stashmas but now real life has got in the way and I can’t participate after all. What should I do?
A: Send a pm to the organizers as soon as possible. No one will be upset with you! If you sign up and then don’t participate after all – i.e. if you receive a gift but don’t send one out –you may not be allowed to participate in future years.

Q: I am running late and I'm not sure my gift will get there in time.
A: Don’t worry! Let the organizers and your recipient know. Everyone will know that there’s been a delay and no feelings will be hurt.

Q: I’ve sent my present but the person I’ve sent to hasn’t posted yet to say it's arrived. What should I do?
A: Give it time. Remember that we are building up to Christmas, so the post offices get busy. Once you have posted that you sent the gift, your recipient will be looking for it.

Q: How should I get my address information to my sender, and how do I know it’s going to be kept secure?
A: Once the send list is posted you will send to the person under you in the list and will receive a gift from the person before you in the list. Your sender will send you a PM (private message) asking for your address so it will not be seen by anyone else.

Q: I have a question that hasn’t been covered on here. How should I ask it?
A: Just ask it! Post on any of the stashmas threads, or PM one of the organisers. Often lots of other people have the same question and you'll be helping them all out!

Most important of all :balloons: :toast: Have fun!!!!!

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