Forum Basic Guidelines For Exchanges

For members who want to join in an exchange of cards, bookmarks,biscournes and other fun stitching and sharing.

Forum Basic Guidelines For Exchanges

by Rose » Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:23 pm

All new exchanges should include the following.

1) Firm Deadline Date for members to sign-up by.

2) Date that names for exchange will be posted. This will happen once the members confirm that they are willing to uphold their responsibility.

3) Date items will be sent to your recipient. This needs to be posted as a firm date for mailing. If members can not meet this date then they need to tell the organizer and either be eliminated or special exception made. All members who have confirmed their piece is finished by the cut-off date must confirm that they are still taking part before the swap partner details are sent out (so that we know all participants are still around).

4) Theme for the exchange or post that this will be an open choice. Any exclusions should be written out full. IE. If you want this to be a sports theme but don't want just a ball as the main theme then this needs to be expressed.

5) Thread and fabric requirements must be fully explained. IE. If you only want evenweaves used and no metallics then this must be explicitly explained. As should any other requirements such as size or how the finish should be done. These can be left out if no reqirements are going to be made.

6) All members who wish to take part in the exchange must have entered their name and said that their piece is completed by the final cut-off date, or it will be assumed that they have pulled out. Organizer should also state if picture of completed product is a requirement. **I think that as a safety measure requiring a picture means you have proof the product has been completed.

7) I think that in some cases a time on the forum limit might be a good idea. This would be set by the Exchange Organizer. Say an active member for at least (?) months. This would mean that we have become familiar with the member and know how often they come to the forum. This can be checked easy enough by looking at the profile of the member.

8.) The organizer will have the authority to deny any member acceptance into the exchange for any reason. Kinda like the "we have the right to refuse service for any reason" rule that applies in resturants. If you have signed up for a previous exchange and did not complete your obligation without a very good reason (sickness, job, family emergency, money issues) then you will be left out of future exchanges. Please if you say you are joining in to the exchange and something happens let the Organizer know.

9) As a member signing up for an exchange you are required to do everything you can to follow all rules set forth by the Organizer of the exchange. If for any reason you can not complete your obligation you must contact the organizer asap so that they can make arrangements to redo the list of sender and recipient. You must make every effort to send out a high quality product.

10) This or a similarly worded disclaimer added. The forum/exchange organizer are not responsible for the quality of the product that any member will recieve. We hope/expect that all members will make every effort to send out a quality product that they would be proud to recieve. ALL members who enter this exchange must understand that there are different levels of abilities and knowledge and skill. So if you receive a finished product that is not of the same level as your own please be aware that others are trying their best. Please appreciate the effort that was made.

11) Organizers if you have a member that did not fulfill their requirements please send that name to me, with an explaination as to what the excuse/non-excuse was. I will then keep the list and when a new exchange is started I will pass on the list. Then the New Organizer can decide if they want to eliminate that person from the new exchange.
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