Why can't I post a new thread?

Trade, sell or buy Cross Stitch items or services. Only Subscribers can sell items in this forum.

Why can't I post a new thread?

by zookx » Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:29 pm

In order to post items for sale in this forum you need to become a Crossstitchforum subscriber.

What is a Crossstitchforum Supporter?

A supporter is someone who helps towards the running costs of the website, the cost is currently $10/£6 a year (thats 50 pence a month or, if you will less than 2 pence a day.).

If you are planning to sell or trade items for profit on the forum then you have to be a supporter in order to do this - only Supporters can post new threads in the Trade/Sell forum and threads posted by not supporters of a For Sale nature will be deleted from other areas of the board.

We may look at bringing in new areas of the site open to Supporters in the future and also hope that any monies raised by this change in the forum rules will both help to pay for the continued hosting of the site and also allow us to spend more time working on the site. Currently not only is the forum costing us money to host(Not that much) but we are also loosing money(Quite a bit) every time we spend some time to update and administer changes to the forum.

We hope you all continue to enjoy the website.

Become a supporter - Payment

PayPal is the preferred payment option and can be made via the link below. Please do remember to enter your forum name.

Your forum username:

Once we have received your payment we will activate your Subscriber status on the next working day - if you have made payment and your account has not been activated then please email admin@crossstitchforum.com" target="_blank and we will investigate and manually authorise your account.


We have added this information to the forum registration rules;

Selling items on these forums;

1). In order to sell items on these forums you must first be a supporter. Details can be found here. Selling on behalf of others is not allowed.

2). Items must NOT be advertised or offered for sale outside the Trade/Sell forum.
Supporter pricing. Supporter membership is $10 ( approx £6 €7 AU$10)


If you have items to give away you are welcome to do so elsewhere on the forum, we would sudgest you use the Exchange section here.
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