Help: Dimension's "Scenic Farm" Chart Fell Apart

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Help: Dimension's "Scenic Farm" Chart Fell Apart

by aselder » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:22 pm

Hi all,

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

I'm about 90% of my way through Dimension's "Scenic Farm" (kit# 3841), and may chart finally fell apart from repeated folding and unfolding and I've lost the right most 3rd.

Would anybody have a copy of this chart and be willing to scan the right most third for me? I'm happy to send you a pic of the progress and the remains of my chart to show I'm not just trying to score a free design.


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Re: Help: Dimension's "Scenic Farm" Chart Fell Apart

by Serinde » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:57 am

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Generally, your best best would be to contact Dimensions first. I think they are one of the companies that are quite helpful when charts go astray or floss has run out.

The problem is that someone photocopying even part of the chart -- and no one doubts you are working on it (though we'd love to see your progress :camera: ) -- is a copyright infringement. Now, someone can send you the entire chart, which you could return -- that would be fine. But companies get a bit huffy with photocopying.

So, with those caveats, if someone here can help, I'm sure they will. :D
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